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Guidelines on the use of cookies as well as the evaluation of usage data and the use of analysis tools
We use cookies and similar software tools, such as HTML5 Storage or Local Shared Objects, to recognize your interests as a user and the most popular domains on our web page, thus improving how it is designed and made more accessible. For the same purpose, we use the Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics analytics tools; and cookies can be used in this context.

1. Functions and use of cookies

a. Cookies are small files that can be stored on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device on a web page you visit. Thus, we can identify, for example, whether your device and the page our web site has a connection, or what language or other settings you prefer. Cookies can also contain personal data.
b. Use of our web site is your agreement to the use of cookies.
However, you can visit our website and disagree with the use of cookies. That is, you can refuse to use it and delete cookies at any time by making the appropriate settings on your device. This is done as follows:
I. Most browsers are pre-configured to automatically accept cookies. You can change these presets by activating in your browser. * Does not support cookies *.
II. Existing cookies can be deleted at any time.For details on this feature, refer to the instructions provided by the browser manufacturer and your device manufacturer respectively.
III. Disable Local Shared Objects information by visiting the following link:

2. Disable Local Shared Objects information

IV. Just like using cookies, and rejecting or deleting them is related to the device you are using and the browser you are using. So you must reject or delete the cookies separately for each of your devices, and if you use multiple browsers, for every browser.
c. If you opt out of using cookies, you may not have access to all the features of our web page or have limited access to certain features.
d. Cookies are divided into the following categories:
I. Absolutely Required Cookies (Type 1)
These cookies are absolutely necessary for the functions of the web page. Without these cookies we could not, for example, offer you services
II. Functional cookies (type 2)
These cookies make it easy to use and improve the features of the web page. In our functional cookies we stock, for example, your language settings.
III. Performance cookies (type 3)
These cookies collect information about how you use our web page. Thus, we can identify what are particularly popular parts of our offer on the internet and in this way we can improve your offer for you. In this regard, please also read chapter “Evaluating usage data”.
IV. Third-party cookies (type 4)
These cookies are placed by third parties, such as social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and their content can be integrated through “Social Plugins” provided by our web site. Detailed information on the use and function of social inserts can be found in the confidentiality statement in section 4.
Statement of confidentiality

3. Evaluation of usage data; use of analysis tools

a. We want to tailor the content of our web page to the best possible accuracy to your interests and thus improve your offer for you. To recognize the user preferences and the highly popular field on the web page, we use the following analysis tool (s): Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics.
b. When using these analysis tools, data may be transferred to the US server where they will be processed. In this regard, please note the following: From the EU’s point of view, there is no “adequate level of protection” in the US in line with EU standards for personal data processing. However, for some companies this level of protection can be replaced by a certification under the so-called “EU-US Privacy Shield”.
c. If you do not want to collect and evaluate information about your visit to our website using these analytics tools, you can withdraw your consent at any time with “opt-out” effects.
To implement the withdrawal of your agreement, we will install it in your browser

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